11th Hour Racing seeks not only to drive change in the sailing and marine industries, but facilitate a more responsible use of energy and resources among the private sector, governments and individuals. We define sustainability as pursuing activities with a greater awareness of our impact on the planet, while promoting the responsible use of energy, food, water, and natural resources.


The 11th Hour Racing Ambassador Program is a community of professional sailors committed to ocean health. The Ambassadors represent varying classes and are respected leaders in the sailing industry.  These high profile athletes adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives, at their personal sailing events and regattas, and inspire those in their spheres of influence, including the next generation of sailors.

11th Hour Racing works closely with the ambassadors to drive change within the sport by creating dialogue, leading by example, and ensuring youth sailors are educated and energized to protect and care for our oceans.


Alongside the ambassadors, the 11th Hour Racing Advisors are a dedicated group of leaders recruited to provide training, expertise and information. They help ensure our athletes are equipped with the latest science, information on challenges facing the marine environment, improved operations and innovative solutions.