11th Hour Racing recognizes the unique platform offered by the professional sailing community to promote sustainability, and as a partner, we encourage environmental leadership and the use of best practices to spread the message of ocean stewardship.

11th Hour Racing’s sponsorships include carbon-neutral and environmentally responsible sailing races and events, individuals and groups working on innovative and responsible marine technologies, and teams driven by robust sustainability strategies and operations.

We Provide the Tools and Resources To:

  • Optimize the economic, environmental and social impacts of professional sailing teams, series and class associations to create sustainable practices on and off the water.
  • Foster innovative solutions addressing the underlying environmental threats to the marine environment that will restore the health of our ocean.
  • Encourage the development of sustainable technologies and demonstrate the economic and performance viability of these technologies.

Our Sponsorships

The Ocean Race

11th Hour Racing Team

The Ocean Agency

Additional Sponsorships